Medical Device Commercialization Overview

Usability Testing

Testing, 1-2-3

Forma has experience conducting user research studies and usability testing of medical devices. The answers that come from this research help guide our clients’ strategies and inform their decisions.

Forma has conducted a wide variety of research, ranging from one-on-one interviews with patients, up to multi-center, multi-country research with hundreds of patients, nurses and doctors. Medical device user research can be handled in a variety of ways. Forma has experience using methodologies such as: focus groups, one-on-one interviews, dyad interviews, shadowing, direct observation (and videotaping) of procedures, etc.

Forma has expertise in all phases of research, including study design and preparation, participant recruiting and logistics, conducting and facilitating the study, analysis of the research and presentation of results. Understanding user needs is critical in guiding your medical device development efforts.

For research preparation, Forma can design the study, develop research materials and aids such as questionnaires and facilitator guides, and recruit participants.

For conducting the study, Forma can develop product prototypes, models, product illustrations, instructions for use, concept sketches, screen simulations, etc.

For analysis of the research, Forma can review and analyze the data, utilizing our extensive experience to add insight to the research findings. Of course we can also conduct any follow up research that is required.

For presentation of the research results, Forma can develop communication materials that clearly and effectively explain the learnings from the research, and recommend opportunities and direction for product development efforts ahead.

Let Forma help you conduct the research that will give you the confidence that your device will satisfy user needs.