Medical Device Commercialization Overview

Proving the Concept by Prototyping

Will your idea work?

You’ve identified a need for a new medical device. You have an idea for that product that will improve patient outcomes or lower the cost of care, or both. You’ve determined that there is indeed a market for your envisioned product. You have generated a number of different concept alternatives, you have evaluated the different approaches, and you have chosen a direction to move into design and development.

Forma can help you at this stage of the process by using computer aided design (CAD) to develop the rudiments of the product system so that parts can be quickly produced using rapid prototyping methods. We can then assemble and test the prototype to prove that the concept does indeed have the potential to fulfill what the ultimate product is envisioned to do. We can source and obtain stock components, and we can design custom components as needed.

A proof-of-concept prototype will confirm whether your product idea is viable, or whether it should be rethought or even abandoned. Designing and building the proof-of-concept prototype will also generate valuable information that will help manage risk going forward and will guide the next phase of the design process.

Let Forma help you evaluate the promise of your medical device concept.