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face mask

Face Mask Innovators

Face mask innovators need to step up their game. It looks like COVID-19 is going to be with us for a while. Rather than a temporary inconvenience, the wearing of face masks is becoming part of the new normal. An opportunity for better design has arisen because current masks fail in so many ways: Where […]

good design is good business strategy

Good Design is Good Business Strategy

Good design is good business strategy. Simply having stunning technology is not enough to achieve market success and sustained profitability. R&D might have developed a revolutionary innovation. But if you fail to package the innovation in a well-considered design that addresses both aesthetics and usability, you will leave a lot of money on the table. […]


What Is Your Patent Worth?

You might have a patent for a medical device, but is it really worth anything? If you focused on the wrong things when you had the patent application drafted, it might not be worth much. At Forma, we are not patent attorneys. But we do work with clients to conceive and develop novel innovations. Sometimes […]

Designing Medical Products for Home-Based Care

The transition from hospital-based care to home-based care has been going on for some time. The COVID-19 pandemic has sped that movement up considerably. As we continue to deal with the pandemic, medical products for home-based care will be increasingly needed. In addition to products and devices aimed specifically at COVID, solutions to enhance the […]

move forward

How To Move Forward in the COVID-19 Environment

How to move forward in the COVID-19 environment is a dilemma most companies are facing. What should you be doing now to ensure revenue streams continue? How can you plan for the future, both for the next quarter as well as for the next several years? These are daunting questions for any business, but they’re […]

alpha prototype

Alpha and Beta Prototypes – What’s the Difference?

Alpha and Beta prototypes – what’s the difference? If you’re confused by the terms “alpha and beta prototypes”, don’t feel bad. Many people are in that boat with you. Also, the terms hold different connotations for different industries (software vs hardware, for instance). Because my field is medical device design, I’ll be talking about hardware […]

Latest White Papers

To Design Better Medical Devices, Understand the User

An effective product development process starts by understanding what users want. Not only what their reasons are for choosing one product over another, but also what attributes would make the product easy for them to use. In medical device design, defining user needs is the basis for all design activity going forward. U.S. Federal Regulations, in fact, require that user needs and intended device uses be defined and used as the basis for how the design is developed. The final product must be tested against those needs and intended uses to determine whether the product has been designed to be effective for its intended use. Considering those factors, anything that helps us understand users’ choices should help us design better medical products.

Future Trends and Their Implications for Medical Device Design

We are experiencing rapid technological change in many areas that will have an effect on the practice of medicine. Societal changes are also taking place that will impact how health care is delivered in the future. As our knowledge grows, technological advances are speeding up geometrically. This paper discusses 28 areas that will have the most significance for medicine and for the requirements of medical devices and products.

Improving the Design of Laboratory Instrumentation

There exists an opportunity for companies to differentiate their laboratory instrumentation products by employing carefully thought-out design. Design is important not simply because it influences the emotional response that is core to decision making. Design can also enhance usability, make service and maintenance easier, and provide the visual elements that communicate a trusted brand.

Medical Device Design and Cognitive Psychology

Medical product design has a lot to do with embodying devices with characteristics that make them easy to understand and to use. To do this effectively, designers must understand perception and cognition: how we sense the world, how those sensations are interpreted by our brains and how we think about what it is we perceive.