Covid-19: Crush the Curve

Covid-19: Crush the Curve: a summary from Ten Weeks to Crush the Curve, by Harvey V. Fineberg M.D., Ph.D. in the New England Journal of Medicine Establish a unified command: appoint a commander who reports directly to the President. Produce millions of diagnostic tests to test everyone with symptoms by mid-April. Supply all heath workers [...]

Algorithms and Medical Imaging

Analytics 4 Life is a new company that is working on bringing a device to market that uses Phase Space Tomography to provide a new form of digital imaging for diagnostic purposes. Their initial focus is on coronary artery disease. Their CorVista system uses 7 sensors that attach to a patient’s chest and back. From [...]

Behavioral Psychology and Medical Device Design

Psychology is a core aspect that influences all design. In this article from Medgadget, Matt Loper tells how a particular human psychological trait is the key to an app that encourages compliance with medical treatment regimens. Wellth is the app that Loper’s company has created. It encourages adherence not by giving something as a reward [...]

Outer Space, Inner Space

One of the biggest problems with catheters is that they get clogged with biomaterial after a time, requiring intervention to replace the catheter. Researchers at Purdue University are looking at a way to use a magnetically-powered device to clear implanted drainage catheters. They have been able to place a device inside the lumen of a [...]

Starting a Medical Device Company

Designing, developing, and bringing a medical device to market is a complex undertaking. Both the design process and the means of production are regulated to ensure safety. The ramifications of the regulatory environment are often not well understood by start-up companies. How the company will eventually get paid for their technology is also a significant [...]

3D Printing Heart Stents

Guest post by Ronan Ye. The Heart of the Matter People come in all sizes and so do their heart arteries. Many doctors wish they could have custom fitted stents for their heart surgery patients. Currently, heart surgeons only have small, medium, and large heart stents to place in an artery. With rapid prototyping and manufacturing of custom [...]

Designing the Experience in Medical Devices

“Experience Design” has been a methodological approach used in the consumer products industry for some time. Apple pioneered the practice, deliberately designing not only the product itself, but every aspect of the user’s interaction with it, from opening the package and removing the product, to setting it up, turning it on and using it for [...]

Medical Device Industry Growth

MedCity New reports on a study by A.T. Kearney that has some interesting findings for medical device design: The analysts say that the “emerging markets will save us” theory is false. Executives they interviewed have not figured out how to make the “Western” approach work in other parts of the world. The report suggests that companies [...]