Personal Diagnostic Devices

Smart phones are becoming ubiquitous. Devices that attach to smart phones are being developed by more and more companies. In the medical device field, a number of such products have been released in the past year. As this trend progresses, I believe we will see the advent of personal diagnostic devices. That is, lab-on-a-chip devices [...]

Telemedicine at CONVERGE 2012

Telemedicine will be a fertile area for medical product design. The two biggest challenges in telemedicine right now are the difficulty in getting reimbursement for telehealth services and barriers created by inadequate cross-state licensing. From the Telemedicine breakout session at CONVERGE 2012: It’s difficult to get reimbursement for telemedicne practice because its benefits are as [...]

The Data Gatherers

Medical device development is rapidly advancing in the area of wireless health monitoring. In a move targeted at medical device designers, Freescale has just introduced the Home Health Hub (HHH) reference platform. From their press release: “Freescale’s HHH reference platform provides comprehensive functionality and can be used as the foundation for connected medical product designs, [...]

Telemedicine Advances

InTouch Health is a company that has developed a number of devices and services that enable physicians to interact remotely with hospital patients for consultation and active monitoring. Their latest product is a the RP-Xpress, “a lightweight, rugged, portable device that brings the physician to the point of care”. This is the kind of technology [...]