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Wiki Electronic Health Records

One of the newer ideas floating around is to make electronic health records work like wikipedia-style (semi)open-source documents. A person’s medical record could be accessed (with permission) by doctors and updated with new information. That way, there is one master record that is continually updated and current. This is a great idea on its surface, [...]

A Systems Approach to Health Care

Microsoft and GE recently announced partnership in their “Caradigm” venture, scheduled to launch in 2012. From the press release: “Caradigm will be aimed at driving a paradigm shift in the delivery of care by enabling health systems and professionals to use real-time, systemwide intelligence to improve healthcare quality and the patient experience. Upon formation, the [...]

Developments on the EMR Front

I wrote awhile back about the imperative of implementing Electronic Medical Records (EMR’s) on a widespread basis. The data such a system would provide would be invaluable in analyzing many factors that influence health and disease, and would reveal relationships that would be impossible to see otherwise. Initial efforts at such analysis and visualization are being [...]

The Big News

This week, Google announced that it was shutting down its Google Health service. Does this bode ill for the development and adoption of a universal Electronic Medical Records system? Not at all. It just means that Google didn’t get enough participation in the service to allow them to make money from ad revenue. There is [...]

A Second Imperative

I have been emphasizing how, in order to truly control health costs, it will be imperative to figure out how to get people to live healthy lifestyles in order to avoid disease and, in so doing, obviate the need for expensive interventionary care. In my reading about future trends in medicine, it’s become apparent that [...]