Medical Device Design and Aesthetics

Jawbone has acquired Body Media. Both companies utilize industrial design to a significant extent to brand, differentiate and make their products compelling. With the combination of these two companies, we are sure to see even more high design in the wearable health device space. Predictions are for the wearable health device market to grow. Health care [...]

Hierarchy of Needs

Most of us are familiar with  Maslow’s hierarchy of needs that progresses from the most basic physiological needs up to the needs of self-actualization. A similar thing is going on with respect to products. That is, users have different needs relating to the products they use. The lowest level is function: the user just wants [...]


“Good design is as little design as possible” – Dieter Rams Dieter Rams is an icon of design. His work is based on simplicity and economy. Many of the designs he did for Braun in the 1960’s are as fresh today as they were then. Medical device designers can learn a lot from the way [...]


A question was posted in one of the on-line groups I participate in: what purpose does beauty serve in the design of a product, and what value does it have? Behind the question seems to be the presumption that, in many peoples’ eyes, aesthetics is a secondary consideration to function. In medical product design that [...]

Health Care is Moving from Hospital to Home

One of the major trends in health care is that care once provided in the hospital or clinic is increasingly being provided at home by care givers or by the patients themselves. This trend gives rise to a number of issues that affect medical device design: Because users of medical devices in the home will [...]

Design as Differentiator

Many young medical device companies believe that their product will succeed in the market simply because their technology is stunning. When undertaking a medical device design project, why should such a company invest in industrial design? Because to not do so is bad strategy. Sure, revolutionary technology might be enough to get you established. But [...]