crush the curveCovid-19: Crush the Curve: a summary from Ten Weeks to Crush the Curve, by Harvey V. Fineberg M.D., Ph.D. in the New England Journal of Medicine

  1. Establish a unified command: appoint a commander who reports directly to the President.
  2. Produce millions of diagnostic tests to test everyone with symptoms by mid-April.
  3. Supply all heath workers with adequate PPE (personal protective equipment). Additionally, Invoke the Defense Production Act to enlist capable companies in the US to manufacture gowns, masks, glove, face shields.
  4. Differentiate the population into five groups and treat accordingly: those infected; those with symptoms; those who have been exposed; those not known to have been exposed; those who have recovered.
  5. Inspire and mobilize the public: everyone wear a mask and stay home to the fullest extent possible.
  6. Learn while doing through real-time, fundamental research: for those who have recovered, is it safe for them to return to the workforce?

“If we take this concerted and determined approach and are guided by science, we can begin to revive businesses of all kinds, including airlines, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues. By putting cash in peoples’ pockets over the next couple of months, protecting small businesses, and releasing constraints on credit, the President, Congress, and the Federal Reserve will have positioned the economy to come roaring back — once the virus is out of the picture.”

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