Be proactive during the coronavirus disruption. No one knows how this is going to play out. Even so, this is not the time to wait and do nothing.coronavirus threatening world

The first priority should be coming together as a community to help slow the spread of the coronavirus and to do what we can to help those infected. Certainly those in the medical device design field have skills and expertise that can be applied. 3D printing of ventilator parts is one example of how companies are stepping up to help. In what other ways can we, as a profession, help?

Most of the needs right now are immediate – or at least, short term. Getting tests into the field, ramping up production of ventilators and N95 masks, tracking and monitoring those infected, getting gloves, eye protection and other personal protection equipment to health care workers on the front lines. Companies that can do so should be retooling their lines to help increase capacity.

Even if you can’t help with immediate needs, you can still develop a strategy and prepare for what might happen after the crisis has been contained. The world has changed.

Get your shop in order. Do you have systems and processes you’ve been wanting to fix or update but have been too busy to get to? Now is the time to do all that housekeeping so your operations are streamlined when you gear up again.

Stay in front of your customers. Maintain your on-line presence by developing and posting new content that your customers will find valuable. Point them to resources they can use to further their businesses when we get back to some semblance of normal.

Develop new capabilities. Is your website static? Video is a compelling medium you should be implementing on your website. Learn how to harness video to help move your customers through the buyers’ journey.

Can you help the community in any way? Do you have an expertise that can help in this fight? Use it.