Because of the opioid addiction epidemic in the US, there has been a push this year to encourage the development of non-addictive methods of reducing chronic and acute pain.

SPR Therapeutics has an FDA-cleared device that does that.

The SprintPNS (peripheral nerve stimulation) device consists of an electrical lead that is guided to its placement position via ultrasound imaging. The lead is positioned up to 2 centimeters from the target nerve, where its function is most efficient. It can be positioned in various ways to stimulate different nerve fibers. The other end of the lead is connected to a pulse generator, which is a patch-like device that receives its signal wirelessly from a small, hand-held controller. The device can be worn for up to 60 days. The lead is coiled, which allows ingrowth of fibrotic tissue at the lead exit site, anchoring the lead and also reducing the chance that infection could develop.

I believe we will be seeing more devices like the SprintPNS. Hopefully, the technology will advance so that similar devices can be developed without requiring an implanted lead so that they become simply non-invasive, body-worn devices.