Medtronic and Nutrino  have partnered to offer the iPro2 myLog App that integrates with Medtronic’s iPro2 professional continuous glucose monitor (CGM).

The app provides an easy way for diabetes patients to track the foods they consume – they simply take a picture of their meal. Artificial intelligence is used to analyze the food consumed and determine how it affects the glucose levels of that particular patient. As a personal database is built over time, the app can grade foods based on how they affect the individual patient so they can better control their diabetes through diet.

The ramifications of this new tool are significant. First, one of the major drawbacks of various health monitoring and self-improvement apps has been the fact that users had to log-in the information they were tracking. That was cumbersome and was a major reason why users would abandon the app after a short time. Requiring only that the user take a photo is far simpler. Medtronic and Nutrino hope that the simplicity will encourage users to employ the app regularly, with the ultimate goal of motivating behavior change in diet so patients can remain healthier. Second, this is a clear illustration of the power of artificial intelligence and how it might be used to solve intractable problems.

You can find more details in the press release.