pills and deviceTo date, the wearables market has been focused on providing monitoring functionality – steps taken, heart rate, pulse, etc. In the future, wearable devices are also going to provide therapeutic remedy functionality.

There are a number of companies that have recently come out with devices to treat various maladies that are normally addressed with pharmaceuticals. For example, LivaNova has a device that stimulates the vagus nerve to prevent epileptic seizures. Vagus nerve stimulation is also being studied as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. Pulsante has a microstimulator for headache treatment, and eNeura also has a device for migraine relief. Nativis has a device they are targeting for treatment of brain cancer. Reliefband is a wrist wearable that relieves nausea.

There are also a range of implantable solutions that are intended to treat chronic pain. I foresee that there will be more and more devices developed that seek to be substitutes for pharmaceutical treatments. As the technology advances, devices that now need to be implanted will become wearables, negating the need for invasive surgery.