Will visits to the doctor’s office be a thing of the past? In late 2016, TytoCare received FDA clearance for its device that enables physical examinations to be done remotely.

From their press release:

“TytoCare’s modular exam tools and fully integrated telehealth platform enable a remote examination of the heart, lungs, heart rate, temperature, throat, skin and ears. Examinations can be done in real time as part of a live video telehealth visit, or in advance of a telehealth session.”

“By enabling a physical examination that virtually replicates an in-person visit, TytoCare will greatly enhance the ability of school-based clinics, nurses, home health providers, patients and family caregivers to connect and share medical information.”

I believe we will be seeing a range of similar devices come to market in the next several years. As experience is gained and data collected on the efficacy of these systems, their use will expand.

The convenience factor of not having to travel to a clinic is an obvious attraction. It should also have a significant positive impact in reducing health care cost.

Tools that facilitate physical examinations and diagnosis at home will be a fertile area for medical device design. A paradigm shift is underway in which a large portion of health care will be provided remotely.