added valueLarge med tech companies are offering education and training in support of their device products. We are at the beginning stages of a change whereby companies are considering how they can add value beyond simply offering a better device. Leading edge companies are looking at the entire ecosystem in which their products exist, and what opportunities might exist for adding value. That means companies will need to expand their expertise beyond design and engineering. This represents a sea-change in the way products are developed. The way forward is unclear, and therefore offers a great opportunity for those who can help develop clear strategies to claim this new development space.

What are the important characteristics to consider? Software applications that enhance the user experience for one thing. Paying attention to how people behave based on cognitive psychology principles. Understanding the totality of the problem, based on ethnographic research. Being able to see interrelationships within an all-encompassing view.

This last point is the most important and useful. Companies will need to find people with the talent to both see the “big picture” but also get down into the details to understand how to deliver the right tactical responses. Being able to do that is a talent that is not common to most. Being able to go from seeing at 30,000 feet to under the microscope is a tricky move. It really takes a new way of viewing the world that most people are not used to. Hint: those with design training are likely to be most adept at this.