personalized healthcareSo Humana is using data they collect on their insureds to group them by “personas” as a means to tailor care in a more personalized manner.

Personas are not new. They are used all the time in sales and marketing to help companies position their products in ways that will best appeal to people with certain characteristics. Personas help you target, appeal and persuade.

To my knowledge, Humana’s effort is one of the first to employ personas to improve the healthcare experience. The success of the approach remains to be seen. But the fact that Humana is trying to distill into personas the data they collect on their insureds, highlights the opportunity that has been presented by our ability to capture so much data with the technology we’ve created. The value is not in the data. The value is in making sense of the data so it can be harnessed and used to improve peoples’ lives. Personas is one technique. What other methods might be developed? This is an opportunity that many in the medical device design industry could be tackling.