needleWe all know that one person, the one who gets squeamish around needles and blood. They see the needle or the blood being drawn, and their face goes pale while their eyes get huge. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t like needles going inside me anymore than the next person. My arm veins actually “run away” from the needle, and sometimes they have to draw blood out of the veins in my hand, ouch! I don’t get nauseated or nervous, but I would prefer not to be stuck by a needle any more than needed when I am at the doctor. Thankfully, a developer named Velano Vascular has created a new blood-draw device that is needle free and FDA-cleared called the PIVO.

The PIVO device is able to use an existing peripheral IV line for quick and painless blood draws. Millions and millions of blood draws occur each year, and that is just in hospitals in the United States. Think of all that pain and anxiety from the needles that could be eliminated if the nurses were able to use the PIVO instead. This is one of those products that will not only help the patient, but it will help the practitioners and hospitals too! By not having to use as many needles as they were before, caregivers are able to minimize their risk of being stabbed with a needle, plus improve the hospital’s finances and levels of efficiency with the PIVO. A few hospitals in the United States have already started using the PIVO in their facilities, and hopefully in the next few years, more and more will be adopting this new product into their networks as well.