medical imagingMedical imaging is heading to 3 dimensions, like everything else! A recent story at Medgadget highlights the accomplishments of EchoPixel and Hewlett-Packard in bringing a device to market that enables image data from CT and MRI scans to be viewed in 3 dimensional space. The system also allows physicians to manipulate the anatomy and view tissue sections.

There has been plenty in the news lately regarding virtual/augmented reality. The technology seems to be this year’s trend. Harnessed for medical imaging, it’s not hard to envision how it will be a boon to diagnosis.

Every day it seems there is a new advancement in the medical imaging field, from being able to view internal anatomy virtually in 3 dimensions, to being able to see what is happening in individual cells in real time. These new technologies should allow us to become much better at early diagnosis, which in itself will allow therapies to be enacted sooner, more efficiently and when disease is still in the incipient stage before much damage has been done. That in turn, will help keep the cost of healthcare down.

All in all, these exciting advances in medical imaging could bring as much health benefit as the discovery of new blockbuster drugs.