blue lightsWith our increasing attachment to our electronic gadgets, many people tend to spend time on their phones and computers late at night. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that the blue lights emitted from their electronic devices can negatively affect healthy melatonin production and the ability to sleep well at night. A company in Japan called JINS has developed a solution to this issue: a pair of glasses that block over half of the blue lights from our device screens.

The glasses, called JINS SCREEN NIGHT, have a distinct yellow tint, which is what helps block those harsh blue lights from electronic devices at night without negatively affecting image quality. Wondering how effectively these glasses actually work? JINS references a study conducted by scientists at Keio University School of Medicine and Tokyo Medical and Dental University that proves that using glasses like these can help increase your melatonin production at night, decrease the strain on your eyes from looking at electronic devices, and lead to a healthier sleep at night. It is expected that more and more consumers will look to products like this to help them stay connected with the world via electronics without negatively affecting their health in the short- and long-term.