tangled cordsHospitals are filled with machines, instruments, and devices, all with cords that get tangled and cause frustration and pose safety hazards if not managed properly. The mass of cords, both in operating suites and in patient rooms, also creates an ugly mess.

Designers do the best they can to address cord storage and management when developing medical equipment. But the problem of unwieldy cords is inherent to the environment. Because patients often need to be tethered to these machines, the cord issue can never be completely eliminated. But wireless devices are beginning to be introduced that will allow some of the cord clutter to be cleaned up.

Masimo’s Radius-7 wireless patient monitor is one example. It provides measurement of ten parameters. Data can be displayed on the patient-worn device and also sent to a base station for monitoring by healthcare personnel.

This is just one illustration of where medical design is headed. If more devices can be made wireless, the patient experience will be much improved, as will the hospital work environment.