powered by lightMy prediction that this century is going to be powered by light gets more credence with today’s big story in Wired magazine about Magic Leap. The webs are a-buzz with takes on the Wired article.

If you don’t know, Magic Leap is a company that is working on delivering MR – “Mixed Reality”. Their technology generates virtual objects and scenes that seem to be a part of physical reality. You don’t only see them, you sense their presence. Want to make a whale jump out of your living room floor (who doesn’t!)? That’s the kind of trick the Magic Leap technology can supposedly do. And it does it by tricking the brain using light. Apparently, the company has developed an optical device that bends the light coming into your eye in such a way that virtual objects seem to be a natural part of the real physical world you are observing and interacting with.

We are learning more and more about the properties of light and how to manipulate it and control it to do amazing things. Light will power this century.