plusingHere is an interesting read about creativity from Medical Design & Outsourcing. The most important thing I got from the article is the idea of “Plusing” – a great concept, new to me.

Plusing is an aspect of the creative collaboration method that Disney employs. It serves as a way to take individual egos out of the collaboration process. It’s natural to want to advocate strongly for your own ideas. I’m sure everyone has experienced situations in which one person has pushed their own ideas to the exclusion of those of others. Perhaps they do that often. Perhaps they do that all the time. Perhaps that person is you. Good team players know how to set their egos aside and focus on the overall goal of the team. Plusing hardwires that characteristic into the process. From the article: “to plus something is to be in service to the trajectory of the idea, not the ego of the person who brought it.” If you’re plusing, you’re not looking to shoot things down, you’re looking to advance ideas along their trajectories. You’re looking to push them forward, to add to them.

It seems to me that this concept of “plusing” is a commitment you can make as a team. It’s a common mindset that helps take ego out of the system and allow creative collaboration to flourish.