“Experience Design” has been a methodological approach used in the consumer products industry for some time. Apple pioneered the practice, deliberately designing not only the product itself, but every aspect of the user’s interaction with it, from opening the package and removing the product, to setting it up, turning it on and using it for the first time.

As some have already done in the consumer products industry, designers in the medical device industry should embrace the idea of designing the entire user experience. The trend is for medical devices and products to move out of the hospital/clinic and into the home. Because the home environment is so different, device designers need to carefully consider the design implications, both aesthetically and functionally. Further, users in the home environment have different needs/abilities than do trained health care personnel. User experience design is providing sales and brand advantages in the consumer products market. As more medical devices move into the home and are marketed to consumers, user experience design will offer similar advantages to the medical device industry.