There is increasing activity involving research into how the brain works. The knowledge we gain as this research proceeds will have significant implications for medical device design and development.

The latest news on this front is from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. They have received a grant from the National Institutes of Health to develop a neural measurement and manipulation system that will monitor and modulate neurons. The system will utilize over a thousand tiny electrodes implanted in different areas of the brain. Per the press release: “The biologically compatible neural system will be the first of its kind to have large-scale network recording capabilities that are designed to continuously record neural activities for months to years.” The researchers involved in the project envision a system that will also be able to utilize optogenetics to stimulate neurons in a highly specific manner.

We will be seeing more projects of this nature come on line in the coming months and years as emphasis on brain research gains momentum. This research is going to expand our knowledge in incredible ways. The impact will be revolutionary.