Medical devices that couple to smartphones are becoming more and more commonplace. One of the latest is a design from MobileOCT that allows a smartphone to be used as a colposcope for detecting cervical cancer.

The device is basically a case for a phone onto which a lens tube is clipped to provide the correct working distance to focus on the cervix. A handle can be attached to the case to enhance stability. The handle also houses a light source that provides either white or green light illumination. Algorithms in the system app enable advanced cancer screening. Images can be uploaded to the Cloud for later review and sharing with colleagues.

The most intriguing aspect of this device is that it was designed to be an inexpensive solution that could be used in low-resource settings. Many of the latest advances in technology and medical device design are financially out of reach for most of the world. Utilizing smartphones as a base technology is proving to be an effective way of providing developing countries with advanced medical technology.