Edward de Bono coined the term “Lateral thinking”. He has published a lot on thinking and creativity.

Per Dr. de Bono, the majority of mistakes in ordinary thinking are mistakes in perception. Our traditional emphasis on logic does little for perception. If the perception is inadequate no amount of excellence in logic will make up for that deficiency.

Perception is a matter of directing attention. If you aren’t looking in the right direction it doesn’t matter how clever you are, you won’t see what you need to see. If the solution is behind you, you’re not going to find it by looking twice as hard in front of you.  A large part of being creative is has to do with perception. Seeing things in a different way.

By breaking the usual context in which we view things, we can imagine different solutions. The key to opening the door to your creativity is to apply techniques that help you make connections you wouldn’t normally make.