Medical devices that use smart phones as part of their base technology are becoming more prevalent. And we are seeing more such devices being marketed to consumers, not just to the scientific community. This trend will be a boon for those in medical device design.

One of the latest devices in development makes use of a smart phone to calculate your blood cholesterol anytime, anywhere from a drop of blood. There are millions of people with high cholesterol levels who will benefit from being able to monitor their levels more than just one or two times a year when they visit their doctor. Being able to track your cholesterol levels on a regular (monthly/weekly/daily?) basis will allow and encourage people to adjust their diets and exercise effectively.

Expect to see more of these types of devices in the future. Diagnostics are rapidly moving away from the lab and to the point of care. As patients are encouraged to become partners in their own care, increasingly the point of care is going to be riding in your jacket pocket.