Smart phones are becoming ubiquitous. Devices that attach to smart phones are being developed by more and more companies. In the medical device field, a number of such products have been released in the past year. As this trend progresses, I believe we will see the advent of personal diagnostic devices. That is, lab-on-a-chip devices that will attach to your smart phone and allow specimen samples to be processed and the data transmitted for quick analysis and feedback to the user.

Of course, this is already being done to a limited degree with blood glucose testing. There are also devices that turn the iphone into a spriometer, a breathalizer and a spectrometer, among others. As this technology develops, more and more specimen processing will be able to be done at home.

If patients can avoid having to go to clinics to have lab work done, testing costs can be reduced dramatically. This will be a powerful use of telemedicine.