Two stories in the last two days illustrate that the genomics revolution in medicine is gathering speed and is about to deliver tangible benefits. The Tampa Tribune (via Medcity News) reports about a team of researchers that has found that persons with a certain genetic signature can prevent fatal heart arrhythmias by using a specific beta-blocking drug.

The New York Times has a story about researchers who have identified gene abnormalities that are common to those having various mental illnesses. Rather than having to rely on disease symptoms to diagnose, doctors can now rely on hard data to guide diagnosis and treatment.

There are other developments in the genomic field that are going to accelerate the practice of personalized medicine in just the coming year. Companies are being founded and significant money is being invested to build a networked infrastructure that will allow a genome to be analyzed much quicker than is currently possible. Speed of analysis is the major bottleneck in genetic research right now. That bottleneck will be broken, and we will then see major advances in medicine personalized to the individual.