The trend right now is toward wearable sensors and medical devices that can monitor our physiology, enabling us to reach health goals and warn of impending health problems. This is the next stop on the way toward technology that we don’t carry around with us at all, but that is part of our environment.

There is already technology that can determine your blood pressure via video camera that can see the blood that enters and leaves your face as your heart beats. One concept for this technology is to incorporate the camera into a bathroom mirror and have the relevant health stats display on the mirror as you go about your morning routine. Ford and other car companies are also experimenting with putting sensors into car seats and steering wheels.

Sensing devices mounted on the wall of your home or even embedded into door jams or held in pockets underneath your mattress could perform monitoring functions in a manner transparent to the user. We already have smart homes and buildings that monitor and control lighting, heating and cooling. Soon those environments will also monitor our health.